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12/6/06 01:29 am - tekiclutch - Plug!

I've just started up a community for Most Haunted, and Derek Acorah fans are more than welcome. :D Please drop by mh_online.

PS - If the mod of this community is listening, I put a link to your community on my userinfo. I hope that's all right!

11/8/05 04:31 pm - frosted_silence - YAY!

Derek definately deserves his own community! this is exciting!!!

10/30/05 07:12 pm - afya


Anyone know why the derekacorah.org forums are mysteriously down until after this series of MHL?

10/16/05 02:17 pm - goshalice

Most Haunted Live - 28th - 31st!
Can't freaking wait. I love live Derek.. ♥

9/29/05 10:27 pm - destroyingangel

I'm pleased to report that i've managed to suck the entire series 1 DVD set off the Internet via BitTorrent, and i've been consuming working my way through it over the last few days (which frankly have been lousy, and it's good to have these to distract me, as Derek makes me feel better ;_;).

Seriously. Where does Derek go off to on a sizeable chunk of the episodes? He comes and does his walk-through, but is often absent for part or all of the lights-out bit. Does he go to sleep? Does he go off on his own to coax spirits out of there? Does he drink himself into a stupor? I wish I knew. ;_; I know it's not The Derek Show (although it more or less IS), but it feels like after he's disappeared that the strongest link to the resident spirits, the one who gives them the attention they desire, has gone.
I loved seeing Derek enjoying the atmosphere of some locations, such as at Drury Lane and Culzean Castle (actually, I was giggling all over myself sheerly because of how happy he was; I wasn't sure if I was just amused or if it was affecting myself as well, but watching those particular instances made me extremely cheerful). I can definitely see how some people might not be able to swallow his genuineness, but while watching him I don't ever get a sense of him being anything other than wholehearted--actually, a better way of putting it is that I very often get a sense of him BEING genuine, rather than not feeling anything one way or another (I mentioned in my intro that there's a bit of stuff going on with me that makes me think I have some natural psychic ability; I'm not strong enough with it to trust it outright, but I find I am lucky to have a good gut instinct).

The end.

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9/25/05 12:22 am - destroyingangel

Hey, everyone and stuff. New to the community, but i've been watching Derek on Most Haunted for a while, since Travel Channel has started running it here in the States (my girl pals and I love to watch their lineup of creepy TV on Fridays).

I'm very big into ghost hunting and paranormal things, so it's definitely a fun show for me. Sometimes I wonder if some of it isn't a bit overdone, but it's much more entertaining than certain other ghost hunting shows that are out lately (*coughGhostHunterscough*). I never tire of Yvette screeching and all but wetting herself. :D

I love Derek. Period. He's adorable. I think he has the same birthday as me. O_O I love watching him work, because i've had issues with myself having clairaudience and feel like I could use some direction. ^^;; Sometimes I wonder if he's overdoing it, but then I get the sense that he's being totally honest, and we viewers just aren't prepared for the things he can do (It never fails to make us die laughing when Derek becomes possessed, though). Either way, I want to believe in him, and his personality just persuades you to do so. ^^

Okay, the end for now.

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9/15/05 05:01 pm - pantheonzeus - This site is DEADER than Kinnity Castle ;-)

I love watching Most Haunted with my best galpal...we enjoy Derek's possessions the most. Little Barney and Lizzie at Chatham Dockyards.

We wish Derek would come to States more often and do shows here - In Los Angeles.

Cannot wait for his spin-off show GHOST TOWNS.

9/10/05 11:58 am - ex_kalymura481 - Chatham Dockyard, Inside Out

Hello! I’m terribly ignorant when it comes to Most Haunted; in fact, I only realised that I do actually have Living TV about a week ago… All in all, the ghosts don’t particularly interest me (& that’s why I’ve come to this community, rather than a MH one where I might be – deservedly - lynched. Not to mention, being friends with your maintainer helps).

However, I am now looking for one particular episode of MH, from series four, about the Chatham Dockyard, & hoped that you might be able to tell me when repeats are shown, etc, etc.

In return for your most kind patience with this post, I can tell you that Derek will be appearing on the BBC 1 programme Inside Out *North West* version[1] Mon 12 Sep, 19:30 - 20:00.

[1] The programme is regional, like the news; however, I am told that for Sky viewers, & Merseyside residents, this won’t be a problem ;o)

8/18/05 09:50 pm - bizarre_imagery

pendo's post prompted me to visit the official website (www.derekacorah.org) & there's some new merchandise to be bought...


Yes, that's right. Derek Acorah fridge magnets. No fridge is complete without one...

8/18/05 09:40 pm - pendo - I met Degsie today!

Today was an exciting day - I got to meet the man himself, DEREK ACORAH!!! What a leg end! He was doing a book signing of the new Most Haunted book at WH Smiths in Liverpool. I was queued up outside for about an hour before the book signing even started, but luckily I was quite near the front of the queue so I didn't have too much longer to wait after that.
The signing reads:

Derek Acorah

but I felt kind cheated because in womens books he'd written "love, Derek Acorah", do I not get a "love"?? *sobs* lol

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