Kaly Mura (ex_kalymura481) wrote in derekacorah,
Kaly Mura

Chatham Dockyard, Inside Out

Hello! I’m terribly ignorant when it comes to Most Haunted; in fact, I only realised that I do actually have Living TV about a week ago… All in all, the ghosts don’t particularly interest me (& that’s why I’ve come to this community, rather than a MH one where I might be – deservedly - lynched. Not to mention, being friends with your maintainer helps).

However, I am now looking for one particular episode of MH, from series four, about the Chatham Dockyard, & hoped that you might be able to tell me when repeats are shown, etc, etc.

In return for your most kind patience with this post, I can tell you that Derek will be appearing on the BBC 1 programme Inside Out *North West* version[1] Mon 12 Sep, 19:30 - 20:00.

[1] The programme is regional, like the news; however, I am told that for Sky viewers, & Merseyside residents, this won’t be a problem ;o)
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