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Hey, everyone and stuff. New to the community, but i've been watching Derek on Most Haunted for a while, since Travel Channel has started running it here in the States (my girl pals and I love to watch their lineup of creepy TV on Fridays).

I'm very big into ghost hunting and paranormal things, so it's definitely a fun show for me. Sometimes I wonder if some of it isn't a bit overdone, but it's much more entertaining than certain other ghost hunting shows that are out lately (*coughGhostHunterscough*). I never tire of Yvette screeching and all but wetting herself. :D

I love Derek. Period. He's adorable. I think he has the same birthday as me. O_O I love watching him work, because i've had issues with myself having clairaudience and feel like I could use some direction. ^^;; Sometimes I wonder if he's overdoing it, but then I get the sense that he's being totally honest, and we viewers just aren't prepared for the things he can do (It never fails to make us die laughing when Derek becomes possessed, though). Either way, I want to believe in him, and his personality just persuades you to do so. ^^

Okay, the end for now.

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