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8/15/05 09:32 pm - pendo - Book Signing?

I heard that Derek was doing a book signing of the new Most Haunted Book at WH Smiths in Liverpool this Thursday (18th). Anyone know if it's true?

6/19/05 09:53 am - roosevelt

This is the biggest I've saw these pics of Derek and I never tire of seeing them anyway.

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5/11/05 08:43 pm - bizarre_imagery - New tour dates!

Hello, Derek fans!

I'm sorry that I've neglected this community so much, but here's an olive branch.

Beneath this lovely cut is a list of the latest tour dates taken from Derek's official website. (www.derekacorah.org)

I hope he's visiting your area! :) Book early & have your pick of the seats is my advise.

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4/26/05 10:41 am - red_devil_diva - MH Series 4!!!

Noticed today that MH Series 4 Vol 1 can now be pre-ordered through play.com!!

£14.99 with free P&P.

You know you want to!!!

3/26/05 06:48 am - __comaheart - yay

Yay, Most Haunted interactive is on from tonight untill Monday!
Can I get a whoop whoop?
heh *snerk*

oh, and Derek is love and I want to have his babies XD

3/1/05 07:03 pm - bizarre_imagery - (Incoherent) Review!

Oh my goodness!

Where do I start? Just a couple of points before I get going.

Firstly - If you haven't already, you need to see this man live. He is truly amazing. He's entertaining, sweet, sensitive, enthusiastic, lovely, dashing... You get the point! ;)

Secondly - Hello to our latest member!


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Sorry for the length of the entry!

2/24/05 09:41 am - pendo - Most Haunted Series 6

Not sure if you all already knew this, but thought I'd let yous know in case you didn't.

Most Haunted Series 6 begins on 22nd March! and Series 7 will also be aired later on in the year.

2/22/05 07:58 pm - bizarre_imagery

In just under a week, I shall be going to see Derek!
Any requests? Locks of hair or shards of shirt? ;)

How very exciting. Although, if this snow persists, actually getting to the venue could be rather tricky.

How are you all?

2/12/05 06:40 pm - bizarre_imagery

Just as a random point of interest ..

How accommodating is Derek with fans after the show?

As always, share any experiences//stories! :)

1/31/05 01:47 pm - bizarre_imagery - Ancient Ram Inn

Ancient Ram Inn

Holy Moly!

Derek gave such grave warnings to the team & just look what happened to poor Stu!

"We shouldn't split down below the number of two".

Thank heavens Stu wasn't alone when he was attacked, is all I can say.
It was rather concerning to see Derek swear so much - he's such a gentlemen that it really conveyed the seriousness of the situation.

What a tense episode that was!

Opinions & thoughts welcome!
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